Get your
sh*t together!

We know you feel all over the
damn place and enough is enough!

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This game is hard...

The game of life is not easy. We all go through levels in our life where our brains are mush and our path simply isn't as clear. Burnout, loss, and that a**hole voice in our head can throw us off.

You're a person...

People aren't perfect. We get distracted, we avoid responsibility, and we hate things that scare us. And when it all hits the fan we're disappointed, impatient, and unkind to ourselves.

We know you're frustrated...

Being stuck in your own bullsh*t is never fun and can feel like forever.

I made a journal to sort out my own bullsh*t.

Hey! I'm Amber. During the 2020 pandemic, I felt out of control of everything and spiraled into a dark place. No amount of hair dye, binge-watching, or internet sleuthing made me feel like myself.I knew I needed to get back to a mindful lifestyle, but struggled to do it alone.I looked for an intentions journal but everything in the market had nonsense quotes, and one-off writing prompts that served no other purpose than to reflect on the past.I needed an actionable, useful tool that could help me get through my days of doubt, self-loathing, and negative self-talk.So... I made The Weekly Intentions Journal for myself. A tool that gets to the point and throws out the fluff.I use this journal every day and it helps me feel more like myself, in control, confident, and capable.I decided to release the journal in hopes it can help others sort through their own lives.

Amber Wilkinson, Creator

This journal will get you back on track

Build confidence, set goals, and expand your gratitude for a more intentional life.

Get the Weekly Intentions Journal

  • A quick, no fluff, intention, and reflection journal. This 52-week journal will help you set realistic and intentional goals. It also helps you become mindful of repeating fears and affirmations. It's built to provide a reflection on what worked and what didn't work, so that each week is an improvement on the last.

  • Reflect and Grow. At the end of the week, you'll have space to reflect on what worked and what didn't. You will gather data to help you learn more about your habits, intentions, worries, and goals. The more you use this journal, the better you'll become at living a more intentional and mindful lifestyle.

  • Self-awareness will empower your life. You will live intentionally week to week. And you will improve your ability to self-reflect on your habits, fears, and intentions. Good Luck! You got this.

  • Paperback includes: This 6x9 book is 114-pages. It comes with 52-weeks of intention tracking. The prompts repeat every week to keep you consistent with your intention and reflection practice.

Forming new habits can be a drag

But this isn't going to be so bad - promise.

The Prompts Repeat
for a Reason

The drag about intentional living is it takes consistent practice. The only way to maintain the benefits is to apply frequent repetition in an easy routine.Thankfully our prompts are quick to fill out and repeat each week so you know what to expect.Once you've done it a few times you'll be able to knock this habit out in 15 min ONCE a week.

60 Days to Form a New Habit

A study from University College London found that 91% of people who wrote down when, where, and how long they would perform a new habit were more successful at reaching that 2-month mark. This journal includes a promise to yourself that helps you write down the necessary details to be successful from the start.

Intention Prompts

  • Your Top 3 Goals

  • The Most Exciting Thing This Week

  • This Week's Positive Affirmation

  • Reminders This Week

Reflection Prompts

  • Goal Accomplishment

  • Affirmation Effectiveness

  • What did you do successfully?

  • What could be improved for next week?

  • What worries/fears did you face this week?

  • Additional thoughts about this week

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